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Program Zastosowanie Darmowy Zaktualizowany
AcousticCalc HVAC acoustics, sound level prediction, noise level
AnTherm Thermal heat bridges, heat flow, steady state, 2D, 3D, transfer coefficients, thermal conductance, visualization, simulation, European standards, EPBD, temperature distribution, vapor transfer, vapor diffusion, avoiding moisture, avoiding mould, energy performance, linear thermal transmittance, point thermal transmittance, vapor pressure, surface condensation, thermal comfort, dew point Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
BuildingAdvice Whole building analysis, energy simulation, renewable energy, retrofit analysis, sustainability/green buildings Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
BUS++ energy performance, ventilation, air flow, indoor air quality, noise level Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
COMIS multizone airflow, pollution transport Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
COMSOL Multiphysics, simulations, modeling, heat transfer, finite element Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
CONTAM airflow analysis; building controls; contaminant dispersal; indoor air quality, multizone analysis, smoke control, smoke management, ventilation Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
CYPE-Building Services building services, single model, energy simulation, sizing, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, electricity, solar, analysis of acoustic behavior Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Delphin Coupled heat, air and moisture transport, porous materials, building envelope Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
DesiCalc desiccant system, air-conditioning, system design, energy analysis, dehumidification, desiccant-based air treatment Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
DeST building simulation, design process, calculation, building thermal properties, natural temperature, graphical interfaces, state space method, maximum load. Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ELODIE Life Cycle Assessment, eco-design, building environmental performance, retrofit
ESP-r energy simulation, environmental performance, commercial buildings, residential buildings, visualisation, complex buildings and systems Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
FLOVENT airflow, heat transfer, simulation, HVAC, ventilation
Flownex gas flow; liquid flow; dynamic; heat transfer; two phase; slurry
IAQ-Tools indoor air quality, 'sick’ buildings, ventilation design, contaminant source control design, tracer gas calculations
I-BEAM indoor air quality, IAQ education, IAQ management, energy and IAQ Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
IDA Indoor Climate and Energy Energy performance, thermal comfort, indoor climate, HVAC design, airflow, natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, heat pumps, load calculations, solar collectors, storage tanks, boreholes, CHP, wind turbines, control systems, plants, solar shading, daylight, ice rinks, pools, 3D, BIM, IFC, LEED, ASHRAE, BREEAM, NMF, Modelica. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
IES Virtual Environment Energy Performance, Energy Consumption, LEED, Thermal Simulation, HVAC, Daylighting, Thermal Performance, CFD, Airflow, Heat Gain, Heat Loss, Load Calculation, Solar Shading, Solar Intensity, Occupant Movement, Egress, Ingress, Value, Cost, BREEAM, EPACT, Carbon Reduction, CO2 Emissions, Lighting, Passive Systems, Natural Ventilation, Daylight compensation control, Apache Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Indoor Humidity Tools indoor air humidity, dryness, condensation
kW-Field Commercial Energy Auditing Field Software
LoopDA airflow analysis, indoor air quality, multizone analysis, natural ventilation
Macromodel for Assessing Residential Concentrations of Combustion Generated Pollutants indoor air quality, research
MC4Suite 2009 HVAC project design, sizing, calculations, energy simulation, commercial, residential, solar Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ModEn object-oriented simulation, energy simulation, controls, energy audit, energy-saving, energy performance, dynamic simulation, research, education, heating, air conditioning HVAC updates, HVAC equipment selection, energy savings, up-sell
PHOENICS computational fluid dynamics, air pollution, smoke and fire, air flow Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
PsyChart Moist air state, dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, sensible heat, moisture content.
PUtility Psychrometric Moist air, Psychrometric chart, GPL, Free source Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
scSTREAM Computational fluid dynamics, CFD, ventilation, airflow, temperature distribution, humidity distribution, contaminant distribution, thermal comfort, air quality Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Thermal Comfort thermal comfort calculation, comfort prediction, indoor environment
Trend Importer trend, importer, data, spreadsheet, UTF Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
UrbaWind CFD, wind simulation, wind energy, natural ventilation, pedestrian comfort
VentAir 62 ventilation design, ASHRAE Standard 62 Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.