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Acuity Energy Platform energy efficiency software; customized business recommendation; commercial and industrial energy use comparisons Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
BESTEST exterior envelope simulation program capability tests, HVAC modeling tests, multizone modeling tests, ground coupling modeling tests, BESTEST, Standard 140 Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
BuildingAdvice Whole building analysis, energy simulation, renewable energy, retrofit analysis, sustainability/green buildings Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Building Energy Modelling and Simulation: Self-Learning Modules energy simulation, buildings, courseware, self-learning, modeling, simulation Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Building Greenhouse Rating operational energy, greenhouse performance, national benchmark Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Building Performance Compass Commercial Buildings, Multi-family Residence, Benchmarking, Energy Tracking, Improvement Tracking, Weather Normalization
BuildingSim thermostat, simulation, energy cost Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Cake Systems Energy Efficiency, Auditing, Labeling Home Performance, Contractor, Program Manager, Utility, Community Energy Performance Score, EPS, Cake Systems Tablet Application, App, API, Home Energy Score, HES Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Carbon Estates Energy Benchmarking; Retrofitting Simulation; Energy Management; Carbon Management Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
CBE UFAD Cooling Design Tool UFAD, underfloor, Cooling load calculator, cooling, stratification, thermal comfort
Construction R-value Calculator R-value, thermal bridging Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Cool Roof Calculator reflective roof, roofing membrane, low-slope roof Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
CPF Tools Solar Sales, Quoting Tool, Proposal Tool, Solar Financing, Leads, Auto-Populate, Rebate Form, CRM software, Customer and Financing Dashboard Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
CtrlSpecBuilder HVAC controls, specifications, CSI Section 15900 HVAC Instrumentation and Controls Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Curb Energy management, buildings, benchmarking, energy tracking, utility billing Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Data Center Efficiency Savings Calculator Energy Efficiency Calculator for Data Centers. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Dataplus-online monitoring and targeting, energy management, self-billing
Degree Day Forecasts degree days, historical weather, mean daily temperature Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Degree Day .Net degree days, HDD, CDD Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Degree Day Reports degree days, historical weather, mean daily temperature Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Design Advisor whole-building, energy, comfort, natural ventilation, double-skin facade Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EA-QUIP building modeling, energy savings analysis, retrofit optimization (work scope development), investment analysis, online energy analysis tool, multifamily building analysis Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
e-Bench energy benchmarking, environmental benchmarking, energy audit, invoice verification and reconciliation, performance contract verification Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ecasys energy program management
EcoAdvisor online interactive training, online multimedia training, sustainable commercial buildings, lighting, HVAC Oprogramowanie darmowe.
ecoInsight Energy Audit & Analysis Software Retrofit Analysis, Energy Audit Software, Building Analysis, Lighting Retrofit
EfficiencySMART Energy data visibility, operational energy efficiency measures, energy savings, alerts, reports, peak demand management, schedule adjustments, meter data, interval data, energy performance, building performance
EffTrack chiller efficiency, chiller performance Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EnerCAD Building Energy Efficiency; Early Design Optimization; Architecture Oriented; Life Cycle Analysis Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EnergyCAP Enterprise energy information, energy accounting, energy tracking, energy efficiency, utility bill management, energy management, utility bill accounting, benchmarking, degree days, M&V, energy measurement, FASER Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EnergyDeck Energy Tracking & Analysis,Benchmarking,Portfolio Ranking,Community Sharing, Project Tracking
Energy Demand Modeling Reference Energy System, Software, GUI, Planning, Energy Demand Model EDM, Energy Policy Planning
Energy Expert energy tracking, energy alerts, wireless monitoring
EnergyPeriscope Renewable energy performance analysis, financial analysis, sales proposals
EnergyPlus energy simulation, load calculation, building performance, simulation, energy performance, heat balance, mass balance Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Energy Profiler Online online, energy usage, load profiles, bill estimation
Energy Profile Tool benchmarking, energy efficiency screening, end-use energy analysis, building performance analysis, utility programs
EnergySavvy efficiency calculation, energy rebates, home contractor search Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Energy Usage Forecasts degree days, historical weather, mean daily temperature, load calculation, energy simulation Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EnergyWitness large building; energy efficiency
Energy WorkSite energy benchmarking, facility checklist, utility bill manager Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
eSight Energy Management, M&V, Utility Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Benchmarking, Bill Verification Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
foAudits Energy audit; Android; iOS; Windows Mobile; WinCE; Web browser Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Genability power tariff, energy tariff, energy pricing, energy bill, electricity tariff, power bill, electricity bill, electricity pricing, time of use, real time, utilities, critical peak, pricing, peak pricing, demand side management, high load factor, curtailment, interruptible, standby service, supplemental service, electric vehicle charging, electric rate plan, power rate plan, electric rate, power rate, energy rate, energy rate plan, electricity api, power api, energy api, electricity rate api, power rate api, energy rate api, utility pricing, utility price, utility rate Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
GenOpt system optimization, parameter identification, nonlinear programming, optimization methods, HVAC systems Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Green Energy Compass Single-family Residence, Benchmarking, Energy Tracking, Improvement Tracking, Weather Normalization Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Heat Pump Design Model heat pump, air conditioner, air-to-air heat pump, equipment simulation Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Home Energy Saver internet-based energy simulation, residential buildings Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
HomeEnergySuite Energy use and savings analysis. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
iAudit Pro home energy auditing tool, residential energy audit, retrofit contractors, whole house energy-analysis Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
kW-Field Commercial Energy Auditing Field Software
Louver Shading window, overhang, blinds, louvers, louvres, trellis, shading, solar Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Lumigent Lighting Design, Energy Audit Software, Building Analysis, Lighting Retrofit, Photometry, Energy Software, Lighting Audit Software, Retrofit Software Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Maintenance Edge CMMS, Maintenance, Work Order, Planned Maintenance, LEED, ENERGY STAR®, benchmarking, Critical Alarm Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ManagingEnergy building energy management; energy efficiency strategies, energy accounting Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane. HVAC updates, HVAC equipment selection, energy savings, up-sell
MyVerdafero Utility Optimization, building performance, portfolio analysis
Noesis Energy baseline, benchmark, energy analysis, portfolio ranking Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
oTilt solar radiations, radiations on tilted surface, optimum tilt angle, optimum pitch angle, collector slope Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Overhang Annual Analysis window, overhang, shading, solar Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Overhang Design solar, window, overhang, shading Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Panel Shading solar panels, pv, photovoltaics, solar collectors, solar thermal, shading, solar Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Photovoltaics Economics Calculator solar, photovoltaic, economics Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Prophet Load Profiler energy analysis, load profiling, cost comparison, energy budgeting, rate analysis, data collection, real-time monitoring, load shedding
Recurve energy simulation, home performance, estimates, energy audit Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Rehab Advisor high performance housing, single family, multifamily, housing renovation, energy efficiency Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
REScheck energy code compliance, residential buildings, codes training, energy savings Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Roanakh photovoltiac system design, grid-tie, grid-interactive, solar electric system design Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Room Air Conditioner Cost Estimator air conditioner, life-cycle cost, energy performance, residential buildings, energy savings Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Sefaira Early-stage performance analysis of building envelope, HVAC, water & renewables , Real-time building performance analysis, Parametric analysis, Thermal comfort analysis Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Snugg Pro Energy Auditing & Sales Tool, home energy assessments, energy analysis, home performance, residential retrofits
SolarDesignTool photovoltaic, PV system design, grid-tie PV systems, grid-tied pv systems, string sizing, array layout design Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Sol Path solar, sun, sun path Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Star Perfomer energy performance diagnostic, energy audit, office building Oprogramowanie darmowe.
SunAngle Solar, sun, angle Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
SunAngle Professional Suite sun angle, solar calculator Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
SunPosition solar angle design, solar altitude, solar design Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
SunPosition online sun position, solar angle design, solar azimuth, solar altitude, sun path Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ThermoSim dynamic heat transfer, wall systems, simulation algorithms, interactive simulation, Java Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
THG Energy Solutions Bill auditing, energy efficiency, energy invoice management, sub-metering, automated demand response, interval data reporting, facility benchmarking, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration
VIPWEB energy performance, code compliance, design, research, residential and commercial buildings, costs, environmental sustainable Oprogramowanie darmowe.
WaterAide water audits, water analysis, water end-sue allocation, retrofits, domestic hot water Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
WegoWise Energy Star Benchmark, building benchmark, M&V, energy efficiency, energy tracking. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Window Heat Gain Solar, window, energy Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ZIP economic insulation level, residential buildings Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
¡Get Psyched! psychrometric chart, moisture, humidity, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.