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Program Zastosowanie Darmowy Zaktualizowany
ACOUSALLE acoustics, codes and standards
AcousticCalc HVAC acoustics, sound level prediction, noise level
Acoustics Program HVAC acoustics, sound level prediction, noise level Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
AEPS System Planning electrical system, renewable energy system, planning and design software, modeling, simulation, energy usage, system performance, financial analysis, solar, wind, hydro, behavior characteristics, usage profiles, generation load storage calculations, on-grid, off-grid, residential, commercial, system sizing, utility rate plans, rate comparison, utility costs, energy savings Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Animate animated visualization of data, XY graphs, energy-use data
ArchiWIZARD energy performance; 3-D graphics interface; solar and lighting simulation; real time updated results and changes; thermal calculation; building performance; heat balance; thermal regulation
AVReporter Energy management, energy monitoring, reducing CO2, increase energy efficency, ISO50001
Benchmata Automated Benchmarking System Automation Portfolio Manager Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
BEopt Residential Buildings, Energy Simulation, Optimization, Retrofit, New Construction, EnergyPlus, DOE2.2 Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
BE$T electric motors, energy efficiency
Cepenergy Management Software for Buildings Energy management, energy efficiency, energy evaluation, energy simulation, energy modeling, environmental performance, sustainable development, CO2 footprint. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Commodity Server energy database server, time series energy, portfolio management
Curb Energy management, buildings, benchmarking, energy tracking, utility billing Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Cymap Electrical BS 7671 Main/Sub Main and Final Circuit distribution, generators, UPS, lighting design, emergency lighting, daylighting, floodlighting, cable sizing, discrimination studies, LV and HV capabilities, fire alarm, CAD symbol library based small power design, Cable Tray/Basket/Raceways/Conduit. Lightning protection risk assessment to EN62305 in 10 languages.
Cymap Mechanical Load calculation, Pipe sizing & Radiator selection, Duct sizing, Hot and cold water design, SAP, iSBEM, EPCs, Psychrometrics.
CYPE-Building Services building services, single model, energy simulation, sizing, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, electricity, solar, analysis of acoustic behavior Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
DAVID-32 Thermal bridges, temperatures, heat flows, computer program, freeware Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Delphin Coupled heat, air and moisture transport, porous materials, building envelope Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
E.A.S.Y. – Energy Accounting System for Your Buildings Energy Accounting, OMV System, Building baseline development, Energy and Emissions Savings Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EcoAdvisor online interactive training, online multimedia training, sustainable commercial buildings, lighting, HVAC Oprogramowanie darmowe.
EfficiencySMART Energy data visibility, operational energy efficiency measures, energy savings, alerts, reports, peak demand management, schedule adjustments, meter data, interval data, energy performance, building performance
ELODIE Life Cycle Assessment, eco-design, building environmental performance, retrofit
EnergyActio Energy efficiency, continuous improvement, energy cost, software Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
EnergyAide Energy audits, home energy analysis, retrofit
Energy Demand Modeling Reference Energy System, Software, GUI, Planning, Energy Demand Model EDM, Energy Policy Planning
EnergyShape energy load, end-use, energy profile
Energy Trainer for Energy Managers HVAC Module training, HVAC, operation and maintenance, existing buildings
Energy WorkSite energy benchmarking, facility checklist, utility bill manager Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Engineering Toolbox Refrigerant line sizing, air properties, fluid properties, power factor correction, duct sizing Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
ENMAT Monitoring and Targeting, Energy Management, Energy Monitoring
e-Sankey Sankey diagram, flow chart, energy efficiency, visualization Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
eSight Energy Management, M&V, Utility Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Benchmarking, Bill Verification Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
flixo 2D heat transfer, cold bridge, fenestration, frame U-value, thermal bridge Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Flownex gas flow; liquid flow; dynamic; heat transfer; two phase; slurry
Genability power tariff, energy tariff, energy pricing, energy bill, electricity tariff, power bill, electricity bill, electricity pricing, time of use, real time, utilities, critical peak, pricing, peak pricing, demand side management, high load factor, curtailment, interruptible, standby service, supplemental service, electric vehicle charging, electric rate plan, power rate plan, electric rate, power rate, energy rate, energy rate plan, electricity api, power api, energy api, electricity rate api, power rate api, energy rate api, utility pricing, utility price, utility rate Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
GenOpt system optimization, parameter identification, nonlinear programming, optimization methods, HVAC systems Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
GIHMS industrialized housing production operations
GLHEPRO ground heat exchanger design, ground source heat pump system, geothermal heat pump system Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
GPM PV+ energy management, energy accounting, benchmark, energy analysis, alert system Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Ground Loop Design geothermal, borehole, heat exchanger design
ID-Spec Large Electrical installation design, power losses assessment, CO2 emissions, quantity of conductors Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
IES Virtual Environment Energy Performance, Energy Consumption, LEED, Thermal Simulation, HVAC, Daylighting, Thermal Performance, CFD, Airflow, Heat Gain, Heat Loss, Load Calculation, Solar Shading, Solar Intensity, Occupant Movement, Egress, Ingress, Value, Cost, BREEAM, EPACT, Carbon Reduction, CO2 Emissions, Lighting, Passive Systems, Natural Ventilation, Daylight compensation control, Apache Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
kW-Field Commercial Energy Auditing Field Software
LESO-COMFORT thermal comfort, load calculation, energy
LESOSAI heating energy, cooling energy, energy simulation, load calculation, standards, life cycle analysis, gbxml Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
LISA life cycle analysis, sustainability, utilisation, embodied energy Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Look3D three-dimensional, full-color surface plots from columnar data, energy-use data
Maintenance Edge CMMS, Maintenance, Work Order, Planned Maintenance, LEED, ENERGY STAR®, benchmarking, Critical Alarm Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
OptiMiser weatherization, customizable, audit, retrofit, analysis, payback, utility bill, disaggregation, cost database, contractor
Pervidi , building systems, performance, preventative maintenance, analysis, residential and commercial buildings
PHPP energy balance, high-performance houses, passive houses Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
PocketControls PDA, controls, front end, handheld
Polysun Solar System Design Simulation Software (and Heat Pump) Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
Power Calc PaK power distribution, panelboard, NEC, electrical, energy savings, buildings Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
PsyCalc psychrometric, temperature, moisture content, atmospheric pressure
QwickLoad Design, residential to large commercial buildings, heating load, cooling load, HVAC
Radiance Control Panel radiance, lighting, daylighting, ray tracing, glare Oprogramowanie darmowe.
Shading II Geometrical Shading/Insolated Coefficient, Sun view, shadow calculation Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
SIP Scheming stressed skin insulating core panels
Solar Tool overhang sizing and position, shading devices, louvers,
Sombrero 3.01 Solar shading, solar radiation, building geometry, solar systems Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
SunTools Sun Path, Sun Views, Solar Access, Sun Penetration Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
TAPS pipe sizing
Thermal Comfort thermal comfort calculation, comfort prediction, indoor environment
ThermoSim dynamic heat transfer, wall systems, simulation algorithms, interactive simulation, Java Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
THG Energy Solutions Bill auditing, energy efficiency, energy invoice management, sub-metering, automated demand response, interval data reporting, facility benchmarking, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration
Trend Importer trend, importer, data, spreadsheet, UTF Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
UNorm U-values, thermal bridges, temperatures, heat flows, computer program, freeware Oprogramowanie darmowe. Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.
USai inhomogeneous thermal transmission coefficient, Dynamic characteristics, condensation risk Oprogramowanie zaktualizowane.